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July 2016
July 2016

The 1995 heat wave that killed an estimated 739 people in Chicago was a terrifying but instructive event. “At the time, public health agencies considered heat waves a minor nuisance,” says thesociologist and writer Eric Klinenberg, whose 2002 book Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago chronicled a horrifying cascade of policy errors and social conditions during a three-day period of unrelenting heat and humidity in mid-July. 
.The signature state parks of California's grand Big Sur coast are closed as one of the state's two major wildfires expands in the region.
Watch marine trash get sucked into five immense garbage gyres.
<p>After a heat wave this past weekend, the US has had its taste of scorching temperatures.</p>
Meteorologists are still rubbing their eyes after seeing seven named storms form in just three weeks around the Eastern Pacific.&nbsp;
<p>As July draws to a close, a storm system swinging up from the Deep South will bring downpours to the northeastern U.S. and breaking the back of an extended heat wave.</p>
Things are hot in Philadelphia — and not just at the Democratic National Convention.
During last night's thunderstorm in New York City, the Empire State Building was struck by lightning.
Northern California will see triple-digit heat all week. Here are the best ways to beat the heat and stay healthy.
Two blazes chew up some 80,000 square miles in sky-high heat but many evacuees from one allowed to return home
Heavy rains and floods have killed at least seven people and forced around 1.2 million to leave their water-logged homes in India's northeastern state of Assam.
The sun fired off its strongest solar flare of 2016 during an active weekend that saw three eruptions from the star's surface.
<p>Most of the roughly 20,000 evacuees forced out by a wildfire were cleared to go home, but firefighters still faced huge work Tuesday in taming an expansive wildfire in mountains north of Los Angeles.</p><p></p>
The U.N. weather agency says it suspects a 54-degree Celsius (129.2 Fahrenheit) temperature recorded in Kuwait has set a record for the eastern hemisphere.
Ah, yes, the moon. To it, over it, shooting for it. Blue, green. Pies, faces, shines, lighting. And I haven't even gotten to all the Luna-based concepts.
The fast-moving Sand Fire has killed one person and destroyed more than a dozen homes in the drought-parched canyons northwest of Los Angeles.
Here are the peak dates and best practices for watching the Perseid and Delta meteor showers this summer.
Before it split into the continents we know today, Earth was home to just a single landmass, or "supercontinent," called Pangea.
With the Delta Aquarid meteor shower going on right now, and the crowd-favorite Perseid meteor shower hot on its heels, the next few weeks are going to be the prime time to watch some shooting stars light up the night sky.&nbsp;
<p>Gusty thunderstorms will target the northeastern United States on Monday, but will fail to sweep away the heat wave baking the region.</p>
The government has found that jet engine exhaust is adding to climate change and endangering human health, and needs to be regulated.
Dangerous heat waves are gripping the United States, with 12 states under heat watches or warnings. CNN's Chad Myers has more.
A wildfire that’s destroyed 20 homes and two other buildings south of Carmel in Monterey County grew to almost 15,000 acres overnight and remains only 5-percent contained as residents continue to evacuate the area, firefighters said Monday.&nbsp;
&nbsp;Tropical Storm Darby made landfall on the Hawaiian island of Oahu on July 24. Heavy rain and lightning strikes dominated the city skyline, while flash flooding caused havoc for commuters and forced others to seek shelter.
A waterspout was spotted along the shoreline of tourist haven Cancun, Mexico, on Sunday, July 24. A smaller waterspout appeared alongside it briefly, as in this video. This footage was taken by a webcam installed at Cancun’s Beach Palace hotel. Credit: YouTube/webcamsdemexico
At Lavoie's Farm in New Hampshire, beans and corn haven't broken through the ground yet and fields of strawberries are stunted.The drought that has taken hold in the Northeast is especially felt at John Lavoie's farm in Hollis, presenting him with some tough choices. Irrigation ponds are drying up, forcing him to choose between tomatoes and berries or apple and peach trees.Lavoie decided to hold off watering the fruit trees so...
Dangerous heat will surge northward and send temperatures soaring across the northwestern United States this week. The core of the heat has remained bottled...
<p>Flames raced down a steep hillside "like a freight train," leaving smoldering remains of homes and forcing thousands to flee the wildfire churning through tinder-dry canyons in Southern California, authorities said Sunday.</p><p></p>
<p>Downpours will spread from the lower Mississippi Valley to eastern and central Texas early this week, delivering needed rain but raising the concern for flash flooding.</p>
Viewers will be able to see up to 20 meteors per hour during the shower’s peak. The Delta Aquarids are flying by this week, and if the night sky above you is clear, you just might catch a glimpse. Meteor showers will peak...
The same weather pattern that had most of the country sweating through a days-long heat wave was sparking a new danger Sunday: severe storms.
Enormous gas bubbles trapped underground are causing areas of grass in Siberia to tremble like trampolines. Methane gas, which is twice as potent as carbon dioxide in warming the Earth's atmosphere and is usually locked beneath permafrost, is reportedly...
Dozens of lawsuits are pending after a 2008 dam collapse in Tennessee, with former workers blaming their illnesses on toxic exposure.
<p>Corals in remote and relatively pristine reefs fare little better overall amid global warming than those growing alongside heavily populated coastlines, according to research published Wednesday.&nbsp;</p><p></p>
Solar Impulse, a plane powered by the sun, is completing a round-the-world trip fueled without a single drop of gas
According to the Climate Central Wildfire tracker, there are 66 large fires burning right now in the western US.
Four decades after Nasa’s Viking 1 landed on the red planet, we detail every Mars mission to date – successful or not
Tropical Storm Darby makes landfall in Hawaii, as CNN meteorologist Karen Maginnis reports.
<p>Conditions will continue to deteriorate across Hawaii this weekend as Darby delivers locally heavy rain and rough surf. But the tropical storm will provide long-term benefits.</p>
Topic driven playlist brightcove.createExperiences(); Much of the eastern United States will continue to swelter with above-average temperatures...
The heat wave comes just as tens of thousands of delegates are about to converge on the city
Space is rife with unexplained phenomena -.and some of the seven included in this slideshow could hold the key to understanding the universe.
The midwestern United States will be in the crosshairs of potent thunderstorms into Saturday night.
Torrential rains that have swept through China have killed at least 154 people and left 124 missing, officials said Saturday, with most of the casualties reported from a northern province where villagers complained about lack of warning before a deadly flash flood.
Call it the United Sweats of America. A heat wave spreading across the country is leaving few places to hide.
Police say boy was hiking with adult male in Sonoran Desert Preserve when he became ill
<p>A huge toxic algae bloom in Utah has closed one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River, sickening more than 100 people and leaving farmers scrambling for clean water during some of the hottest days of the year.</p>
LUCAS, Ohio — What was left of the famous oak tree from The Shawshank Redemption fell Friday, apparently the victim of a southwest wind. John and Marge Shoemaker of Weatherford, Texas, in this area for their niece's Saturday wedding, may have been among the last to see the tree still standing.&nbsp;
Imagine going to fill up your tank and seeing a label on the pump that says what you are doing was causing climate change.&nbsp;
Humans have built vast systems to dredge carbon out of the earth and hurl it into the sky — cars, planes, ships, factories and power plants all across the globe. As carbon pollution cooks the planet, scientists are looking for ways to scrub the heat-trapping gas from the atmosphere and return it to the ground.
In case you haven't heard, there is a very, very big problem with the universe: About 80% of all of the stuff inside it is missing.&nbsp;
When you think of photos of Earth from space, showing the entire planet, what usually comes to mind are the gorgeous shots from the Apollo missions in the 1960s and 1970s.&nbsp;
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that climate change is as dangerous as, if not more than, the threats posed by the Islamic State and other extremist groups.
The Perseids, one of the most popular meteor showers of the year, is coming up in just under a month. But you don’t have to wait until August to see shooting stars light up the sky.&nbsp;
NASA It's one of the most defining moments in American history: On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person ever to walk on the moon, taking what he called "one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind." Forty-seven years later, we're still learning new things about Earth's dusty companion. And some of the things that we do know about it are pretty mindblowing. Here are a few facts about the moon that you might not know.
Russia's practice of leaving massive wildfires to burn out of control in sprawling stretches of Siberia puts at risk a key global resource for absorbing climate-warming emissions: its trees.
The hazards of heat waves continue even after the sun goes down. CNN meteorologist Jennifer Gray explains.
Even before summer 2016 has officially begun, the nation faced a deadly heat wave.
When "Star Trek's" starship Enterprise first embarked on a "five-year mission" in 1966, the goal of its first crew was to better understand...
Peru's government has declared a state of emergency in the southern Andes after a cold snap killed 50,000 alpacas. More than 100,000 families rely on the animals and the wool they produce for their livelihoods.
A sweltering 'heat dome' will hover over much of the nation later this week, with heat index values forecast to reach up to a dangerous 115 degrees.
A teenage boy and a woman from Texas camping with a Boy Scouts adventure program were killed and two other campers were injured when severe storms swept through a remote area along the U.S.-Canada border, the leader of the program said Thursday.The boy and the female volunteer with the Northern Tier High Adventure Base Program died while camping, according to general manager John Van Dreese. Authorities said the group was...
For most of the latter half of the 20th century, the Antarctic Peninsula was one of the fastest-warming places on the planet, with serious repercussions for the local environment, including the spectacular disintegration of a millennia-old ice shelf, and global sea level rise. A gentoo penguin colony on the Antarctic Peninsula. Click image to enlarge. Credit: David Stanley/flickr But a new study
Twitter users identified an X-shaped bulge in an open-access photo of the galaxy. You won’t find caramel at the center of this Milky Way. Instead, you’ll have to settle for a massive 'X' of stars. After Twitter users pointed out the formation in...
<p>This year may be only half over, but 2016 is already on track to be the hottest year ever on record, with each of the first six months, from January to June, setting new temperature records, NASA officials announced this week.</p>
<p>On the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres, certain regions could be cold enough to host long-lasting deposits of water ice, a rarely seen phenomenon on objects similar to Ceres, a new study shows.</p>
<p>While a vast amount of dry air has dominated and will continue to impact the Atlantic basin over the next few weeks, tropical activity could spark near the west coast of Africa.</p>
They actually studied two of these Earth-sized worlds at once.
NASA denied claims by amateur observers that it cut off a video feed from the International Space Station to avoid showing a UFO.
<p>A rundown of the most powerful earthquakes in the last hundred years.</p>
A new study finds that climate change is significantly stunting trees’ growth—hindering their ability to take carbon out of the air.
Glacier in Switzerland Glaciers in the European Alps are vanishing, transforming landscapes and leaving communities without an essential source of water. Scientists have a fix, but it won’t last forever.
This week’s stabbings in London’s Hyde Park reinforce the belief that tempers flare when temperatures rise
Incessant rainfall across India has caused flooding that has turned streets into rivers and brought life to a standstill in several cities. Ashraf Fahim reports.
CLEARWATER, Fla. — Two North Carolina teens were struck by lightning as they walked on a Florida beach.
Such an extreme warming spell has never occurred in nearly 140 years of observations.
At the foot of a giant sequoia in California's Sierra Nevada, two arborists stepped into harnesses then inched up ropes...
Air15 captured this large rain column near Phoenix during monsoon storms on Monday.
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